Lindsey Ofcacek is the Managing Director of The LEE Initiative.  Chef Lee will act as mentor and creative director for programming and guidance.  But every member of our restaurant staff is dedicated to these programs and contribute in some way.
Mentor and creative director for programming and guidance of the LEE Initiative


Edward has lived in Louisville, KY since 2003 and has three restaurants there – 610 Magnolia, MilkWood and Whiskey Dry. He is also the Culinary Director for Succotash restaurants in Washington, DC and Maryland.  He is a multiple finalist for the James Beard Foundation Best Chef Award, was nominated for a Daytime Emmy as Host of Mind of a Chef Season 3 and has authored two best-selling books Smoke and Pickles(2013)and Buttermilk Graffiti (2018).  Chef Lee has been working to promote equality and diversity in the restaurant community for years and the LEE Initiative programs are his passion.

Managing Director of The Chef LEE Initiative


Lindsey was formerly the general manager of 610 Magnolia and has moved to the position on wine director and director of The LEE Initiative. Throughout her 20 year career in the restaurant industry, she has devoted tireless hours to all aspects of the food lifecycle from farming to distribution to front and back of house passionately promoting the local food community. Her newest passion is leading the LEE Initiative and helping fellow women and future restaurant professionals sow the seeds for an inclusive culinary world that makes everyone proud.


Our board consists of select members of the restaurant community in Louisville and around Kentucky who believe strongly not only in the excellence of food and service, but also, in the need for constantly improving the social standards of our industry.